In October 2002 part of a garage was converted into a studio and extended in 2004 allowing for much needed extra working space. An electric kiln, in one corner, remains a faithful friend, firing biscuit ware, and providing much appreciated warmth in winter.

The process of making is a slow, tactile and satisfying process. The many hours spent researching and sketching down ideas is essential in clarifying my aims.

Traditional hand-building techniques are used to explore and develop the forms and patterns in Earthstone clay with underglaze terra sigallata. Surfaces are burnished many times before being fired in the electric kiln to a temperature of 980°C.

Patterns and marks are applied, using tape and horsehair, and then smoke-fired in a tin dustbin or the electric kiln using various combustible materials. Experimenting continues to be an important element of my work as I strive to create new form and surface qualities.

The whole process is exciting and exhilarating; the unpredictable effects of the smoke, a constant surprise; and the continual learning process stimulating.